India's skyscraper collapses in 12 seconds, video goes viral

New Delhi: Indian authorities razed the illegally constructed residential skyscraper ‘Noida Twin Tower’ to the ground in moments.

According to foreign media, a high-rise residential building in Noida, located in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, was demolished on a court order. This was the largest operation to demolish illegal buildings in India, which was broadcast live on TV channels. .

Before the Indian authorities demolished the building, the surrounding communities were evacuated to avoid any loss of life.

To demolish the skyscraper, the Indian authorities installed more than 3700 kg of explosives in the building, due to which the building fell to the ground in 12 seconds.

After the collapse of the building, more than 80,000 tons of debris has been collected, which the authorities have given three months to clean.

According to the report, the builder had proposed the construction of forty floors of ‘Noida Twin Tower’, but the court ordered to demolish it before the building was completed. At the time of demolition, one tower was 32 floors while the other tower was 29 floors. was

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