India's state terrorism: 3 youth martyred in Occupied Jammu

SRINAGAR: The occupying Indian Army in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir demonstrated state terrorism and martyred 3 Kashmiri youths in a fake encounter.

According to the details, the Indian Army martyred the three youths in Sudra area of Jammu. Indian soldiers martyred the youth under the cover of siege and search operation when they were traveling in a truck in Sudra area of Jammu.

The Indian Army laid siege to Jammu and nearby areas and entered houses under the guise of search operation, raped people and harassed women and children. Several houses were also ransacked.

Internet and mobile services have been stopped in Occupied Jammu. Normal life has been suspended due to the so-called operation of Indian forces. Shops, business centers and educational institutions are closed. People are confined in their homes.

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