Influenced by Islamic teachings, the Ukrainian youth accepted Islam

Influenced by Islamic teachings, a disabled young man from Karkiv region of Ukraine accepted Islam.

In the Russian attack, Vronko, a resident of Kharkiv, not only lost his home, but was also separated from his wife and 2 daughters, accepted Islam.

Imam of the mosque said that when the situation was bad, Veronko asked for help, after that Veronko lives with us in the mosque and now we are brothers, In a video, Veronko said that when the volunteers took my family somewhere on March 8 , so I was left all alone.

He said that when the attack happened, I used to go to the shelter from the 9th floor, there was no gas, electricity or water in the building, then Imam Muhammad Ali offered me to stay in the mosque. A few days later he accepted Islam.

The imam said that when the situation became unbearable, Veronko contacted me and said, Ali, take me. Since then, they have been living in the mosque, and we are now brothers.

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