Intensification of ongoing protests in China, demand for President Xi's resignation

Beijing: The ongoing wave of protests in China against the strict restrictions imposed by the government in connection with the corona virus has intensified. Meanwhile, protesters have demanded the resignation of President Xi Jinping, fed up with the harsh policies.

According to international news organizations, protests have been going on for the past 3 days against the restrictions imposed to prevent the corona virus and the government’s strict policy. Yesterday (Sunday) and today, Monday, in addition to the capital Beijing, in many other cities, including Shanghai, China’s largest commercial center, protesters took to the streets, where they chanted slogans against the Corona restrictions and asked the government in its policy. Demands for leniency.

Videos and photos circulating on social media websites show clashes between protesters and police, with protesters being detained. Students who are unhappy with the strict restrictions in connection with the protest are also among the protestors.

The Chinese authorities have apologized for the disruption to normal life due to the strict corona policy, however, it has been said that the restrictions will be eased soon.

During ongoing protests in Shanghai, protesters have demanded the resignation of President Xi Jinping due to his harsh policies, asking him to resign not only from the ruling party but also from the country’s presidency. The participants of the protests held in several cities carried banners and candles in support of their demands.

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