Iran: Execution of two boys participating in protests, strongly condemned by the European Union

Brussels: The European Union has strongly condemned the execution of two boys who participated in protests against the hijab in Iran, calling it a terrorist act.

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According to foreign media reports, while expressing concern over the execution of two boys for protesting in Iran, European Union Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Joseph Borrell said that the execution of two boys participating in the recent protests in Iran is terrifying.

He said that the execution is another sign of the violent actions of the Iranian authorities against the protesters, Iran should immediately stop the reprehensible actions of implementing the death penalty against the protesters. According to foreign media reports, yesterday, Iran executed Dova Farad, who allegedly killed a paramilitary officer during the recent protests.

According to reports, Muhammad Mahdi Karami and Syed Muhammad Hussaini committed the crime that led to the death of Ruhollah Ajamian, both of whom were hanged on Saturday morning. It is not yet clear which court sentenced these men, but Iran’s revolutionary courts, which have come under international criticism, have already sentenced two people, social activists say, so far. 16 protesters have been hanged.

It should be noted that since September 16, protests have been going on in Iran in response to the death of a 22-year-old woman Mahsa Amini due to alleged torture during detention. Mahisa Amini was arrested for not wearing the hijab correctly. Dawn is also ongoing, during which thousands of people have been arrested.

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