Iran not to use disproportionate force against protesters, UN

Iran not to use disproportionate force against protesters, UN

New York: United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres has called on Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi not to use disproportionate force against protesters.

According to Khabar Malik media, in a statement issued by the spokesperson of the Secretary General, it has been said that in the last bilateral meeting, Antonio Guterres has emphasized on President Ibrahim Raisi to respect human rights, including freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.

The statement said that we are concerned about reports of increasing casualties, including women and children, during the protests. It should be noted that on September 13, Iranian police arrested a 22-year-old Kurdish Iranian woman, Mahsa Amini, for not wearing the hijab properly. But was detained. Mehsa Amini’s death was reported on September 26 after she slipped into a coma while in police custody. Since the painful death of Mehsa Amini, protests have continued in different cities of Iran, in which more than 40 people have been killed and many have been arrested.

According to the statement, Secretary General Antonio Guterres has also called on the Iranian security forces to refrain from using unnecessary and disproportionate force and appealed to all parties to exercise restraint to prevent the situation from escalating further.

The Secretary General has called for an immediate, impartial and effective investigation into the death of Mehsa Amini.

On Saturday, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said that protests against Mehsa Amini’s death must be dealt with decisively.

President Ibrahim Raisi said that those who oppose the country’s security and peace should be dealt with decisively.

Human rights group Amnesty International said on Tuesday that the actual number of protesters killed in Iran was higher than reported by state TV, given the appalling rate of violence by security forces.

According to Amnesty International, the Iranian authorities employ a systematic approach to cover up human rights violations and distort the truth.

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