Iran will use nuclear technology for civilian purposes only

Tehran: Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi criticized Israel and said that he wants to prevent Iran from having nuclear capability and access to related information, but today this knowledge has become local and it cannot be taken away from Iran.

Ibrahim Raisi said that Iran does not intend to make weapons with nuclear technology, this technology will be used only for civilian purposes, his country does not produce nuclear weapons, but it will use nuclear technology for civilian purposes.

The Iranian president said that the nuclear industry and nuclear capability are the right of the people of Iran and we have repeatedly said that nuclear weapons have no place in the ideology of the Islamic Republic.

He said that Iran wants to use nuclear technology in agriculture, oil, gas, medicine and other sectors. We have said many times that there is no place for nuclear weapons in our ideology.

President Raisi said that before the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers can be renewed, the concerns must be resolved, without which the renewal of the agreement is not possible. Citing reports about the discovery of relics of

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