Iran: woman arrested for eating out without hijab

Iran: woman arrested for eating out without hijab

Tehran: After the death of 22-year-old Mehsa Amini in Iran, the series of protests across the country entered the third week.

At the same time, the police detained another girl on the charge of not wearing hijab. When it went viral on the media, the Iranian police detained one of them, a woman named Duniya Rad.

In the viral photo, two women can be seen eating without hijab in a restaurant in Tehran.

One of them is Dunya Raad, who was detained by the police after being identified.

On the social media site Twitter, Dunya Raad’s sister tweeted that her sister was called to the police station for investigation after the pictures went viral on social media.

On reaching the police station, he was arrested without saying anything and transferred to Ward 209 of Avon.

It should be noted that Ward 209 of the notorious Avon Prison is under the administration of the Ministry of Intelligence in Tehran.

It should be noted that 22-year-old Mahsa Amini was detained in Tehran for not wearing a hijab, after which she died of a heart attack in custody on September 16. Mehsa Amini’s death sparked nationwide protests.

The death toll in the crackdown by the security forces has reached 83 while dozens of people are in custody.

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