Israel and Google deal to suppress Palestinian voices: Google employee resigns in protest

Washington: A Google search engine employee has resigned in protest after a $1 billion deal between the Google search engine and Israeli forces for artificial intelligence and surveillance to suppress Palestinian voices.

According to Foreign media report, Google search engine marketing manager Ariel Korin will say goodbye to the company this week, and in this regard, she said that when she raised her voice on the $1 billion artificial intelligence and surveillance agreement with Israel, Google management Changed my responsibilities to silence me.

The controversy began when Ariel Koren protested Google’s $1.2 billion collaboration with Amazon and the Israeli military on a program called Project Nimbus.

They spent more than a year organizing their own protests to get Google to pull out of the deal, and also held online petitions, talks with executives and spoke to news organizations.

“Instead of listening to their concerns, Google pressured me to move from San Francisco, California, to Sao Paulo, Brazil, with an ultimatum in November 2021,” Corin said.

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