01 23

Damascus: Two Syrian soldiers were killed in the attack by the Israeli army in Syria.

According to foreign media, the Syrian army has confirmed that missiles were launched by Israel at one of the country’s main international airports, as a result of which two Syrian soldiers were killed.

The Syrian army says that the airport targeted by the Israeli army in Damascus is inactive. The airport and its surrounding areas were attacked between Sunday and Monday.

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According to the Syrian army, as a result of the Israeli attack, two soldiers were killed and two were wounded, while some facilities were also damaged, however, due to the airport being inactive, there were no casualties.

A human rights organization working in Syria says that the Israeli attack targeted the airport and an arms depot near it, this arms depot is near southern Damascus, while a total of four people were killed in the attack.

According to media reports, this is the second Israeli attack on Damascus International Airport in a year, but Israel has not issued any official statement in this regard so far.

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