Japan: Major shift in defense and security policy

Japan: Major shift in defense and security policy

A major change has been made in the defense and security policy of Japan, the Japanese Prime Minister says that the new security policy is in accordance with the constitution and of a defensive nature.

According to media reports, this move has been taken in consideration of China, Russia and North Korea. The security document says that if you look at Japan’s side, it is the most serious environment since the Second World War.

According to the document, an attempt is being made to unilaterally change status through force.

According to the report, now in the event of aggression, Japan will be able to attack enemy bases and command centers with long-range missiles.

Japan will increase the range of its Type 12 missiles and buy American Tom Hawk missiles with a range of 1600 kilometers, but Japan will maintain its policy of not pre-emptively attacking if threatened.

According to media reports, Japan will spend 5 trillion yen to increase its defense capability, for this purpose the Japanese government has already increased the defense budget.

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