Jerusalem: Jewish Settlers Dance Party at Masjid Ibrahim

JERUSALEM: Jewish settlers held a musical program and danced to songs under the guise of one of their religious rituals inside Hebron’s Abrahamic Mosque.

According to the World News Agency, a group of extremist Jews called a musical band and danced in the Ibrahim Mosque in Jerusalem. The Jews also danced to the music of the musical band.

Eyewitnesses told the world media that the Jewish settlers first forced the worshipers out of the mosque and then played a musical program in the name of religious ceremony. The Jewish settlers danced in the courtyard of the mosque as well.

Heartbreaking videos of Jews dancing at Masjid Ibrahim have gone viral on social media, in which Jews can be seen dancing with the shrine of Hazrat Ibrahim (peace be upon him) clearly visible at the back.

When the videos went viral on social media, there was a wave of outrage among Palestinians and users protested fiercely. The Palestinians called this action of Jewish settlers shameful.

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