Kangana calls Tanisha Sharma's death a murder

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut termed Tanisha Sharma’s death as a murder.

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On December 24, actress Tanisha Sharma committed suicide on the set of Ali Baba’s ‘Dastan Kabul’.

The actress was present in the make-up room of her co-star and ex-boyfriend Shezan M Khan and she went to the washroom of the make-up room. Found hanging from a noose.

The actress’s suicide case is currently being investigated by the Mumbai Police, while Tanisha’s ex-boyfriend Shizan Khan is in custody till December 30.

However, now actress Kangana Ranaut has commented on Tanisha Sharma’s death and called it murder.

According to Indian media reports, Kangana wrote a long message on Tanisha’s death yesterday in her Instagram stories and said, “A woman can cope with everything, love, marriage, relationship or even the loss of a loved one.” She can fight back, but she can never fight the fact that there was never love in her love story, that her love and weakness for the other person was just an easy target, that the other person only made her physically. and emotionally consumed’.

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He further wrote that ‘in such a state she cannot trust her senses, who feels no difference between being alive or dead, if she decides to end her life, please know that it is her choice. Not done alone, it is murder.

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