Karachi: The accused of murdering a policeman managed to escape abroad

Karachi: The accused of murdering a policeman managed to escape abroad

KARACHI: Khurram, accused of killing a policeman in Defense, fled abroad. Police officials have confirmed that the accused left for Sweden via Istanbul on a foreign airline flight.

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According to police officials, the accused used his Swedish passport at the time of departure from Pakistan. According to DIG South Irfan Baloch, accused Khurram Nisar’s native house is near the crime scene in Defense Phase 5. The police raided the house of the accused and seized weapons and Recover the documents while the watchman has also been detained.

Irfan Baloch said that the accused Khurram Nisar is a permanent resident of Sweden with his wife and two children and his other brother lives in Faisalabad with his family. The accused left the car used in the incident at home and escaped in another car. A pistol found in the house is being forensically examined.

According to the investigating authorities, the parents gave a statement that they do not know where Khurram is. They said that the parents gave a statement that Khurram comes to Pakistan once a year. We do not know what Khurram does when he comes to Pakistan. are not responsible.

On the other hand, the picture of the immigration counter at the time of the escape of the accused abroad has also come to light.

The accused used a Swedish passport to escape abroad. The accused arrived at the airport at 3:30 am, cleared immigration at 4:11 am, and flight TK 709 departed for Istanbul at 7:18 am.

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