Key cause of obesity despite exercise and eating less discovered

Key cause of obesity despite exercise and eating less discovered

Weight gain despite exercising and eating less? An imbalance of insulin in the body can be blamed for it.

This was revealed in a clinical study conducted in Switzerland.

By the way, it is already known that being overweight has negative effects on blood sugar levels and increases the risk of diabetes.
But a study by the University of Basel found that this process can also be reversed, meaning that lack of insulin in the body can also lead to obesity.

If insulin production is affected, as occurs in the early stages of type 2 diabetes, weight gain may also increase, the study reported.

The research focused on PC1/3, an important physiological enzyme that is required for many hormones.

If this enzyme does not work properly, several problems such as excessive appetite and obesity can be experienced.

During the research, experiments conducted on mice showed that when PC1/3 was turned off in the pancreatic cells, these animals began to overeat, causing them to become obese and diabetic very quickly.

The researchers said the findings are interesting because PC1/3 levels decrease in the pancreas of patients with high blood sugar.

He said that this indicates that the decrease in insulin intake not only increases the risk of diabetes but also increases body weight.

He said that the proper amount of this enzyme in the body helps in maintaining a healthy body weight.

The results of this study were published in the journal Nature Communications.

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