Kidnapped 7-month-old baby recovered from BJP leader’s house

Kidnapped 7-month-old baby recovered from BJP leader's house

UTTAR PRADESH: A baby stolen from its sleeping parents at a railway station in India has been found at the home of a Modi party leader.

According to Indian media, after the recovery of a seven-month-old baby kidnapped from a railway station in Uttar Pradesh from the house of a local BJP leader, the police have revealed that the entire gang is involved in stealing and selling children.

Last week, a video from the Mathura railway station went viral in which a man in a pant shirt can be seen picking up a child from a sleeping parent and running away.

While processing this video, the police recovered the child from a house in Firozabad, 100 km away from the station. This house belongs to BJP leader Vinatya Agarwal.

Police has revealed that BJP leader Vinita Agarwal has a daughter, but she and her husband wanted a boy and bought the child for Rs 118,000.

Vinita Agarwal said that this child was bought from doctors. Acting on this statement, the police detained 8 people. They include the man who can be seen in the video abducting the child.

In a press conference called by the police, Anita Agarwal handed over the child to her parents. Emotional scenes were witnessed on this occasion.

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