Kim Kardashian: Children don't let their father's honor be tarnished

New York: American Supermodel Kim Kardashian says that it is not easy to raise children as co-parents after divorce.

According to a foreign media report, Kim Kardashian recently participated in a podcast where she talked about the struggle of co-parenting and raising children well after her split from American singer Kanye West.

Kim said that she would never let the hateful news spread about her father and herself reach her children and would try her best to keep their father’s respect in the eyes of the children.

The American model said that my four children listen to Kanye West’s songs loudly and enjoy it. Even on the way home from school, I play the songs of their father for the children in the car. Love and respect do not allow to be reduced.

Kim Kardashian added, “In my house, the kids don’t know what’s going on in the outside world. I keep smiling in front of them.”

It should be remembered that Kim Kardashian and American singer Kanye West have 4 children, the pair parted ways in early 2022.

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