‘King of Football’ Pele dies: Christiano Ronaldo pays tribute to legendary player

'King of Football' Pele dies: Christiano Ronaldo pays tribute to legendary player

Pele, the legendary footballer of Brazil, who is called the emperor of football, died at the age of 82.

Keeps Read: World football legend Pele died at the age of 82

The daughter of legendary Brazilian footballer Pele has confirmed his death after suffering from colon cancer.

Known as the ‘King’ of football, Pele was admitted to the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil in late November due to complications from a respiratory infection and colon cancer.

Football fans all over the world were saddened by Pele’s death, while Portugal’s star footballer Ronaldo has paid tribute to the legendary player.

Uploading a photo of himself and Pele on social media, Ronaldo expressed his grief over the death of the legendary Brazilian footballer.

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Ronaldo wrote that “I offer my condolences to all of Brazil and especially to Pele’s family on the death of Pele. It is difficult to describe the grief that is felt in the world of football.”

He said, “Pele will never be forgotten and his memory will always live on in every one of us football lovers.”

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