Kohli: Hotel room video leaked, ex-captain furious

Kohli: Hotel room video leaked, ex-captain furious

Perth: Former captain of the Indian team Virat Kohli was very angry after the video of his hotel room was leaked.

On Instagram, Virat Kohli shared a leaked video from his hotel room in which the video maker captioned it as a video of Kohli’s room in the hotel. In the video, Virat Kohli’s personal belongings, kits, perfumes and Other items are shown, including shoes.

Virat Kohli shared this video on his Instagram account and expressed his displeasure and wrote that he understands that fans are very happy and emotional when they meet their favorite players and they also appreciate them by meeting them. Kohli said, “But this video is so clever that it made me worry about my privacy. If I don’t have any privacy in my hotel room, then where should I look for my privacy?”

The former captain said that such fandom is not okay with me which is definitely an invasion of my privacy. Please respect people’s privacy and don’t use it as entertainment, Kohli said.

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