Korean pop band BTS singer Kim Seok-jin's emotional message to his fans

Seoul: Kim Seok, a member of the world-renowned South Korean band ‘BTS’, has released an emotional video message to his fans before he begins his mandatory military service.

All the members of the all-boy band ‘BTS’ are doing their best to make sure that fans don’t feel that Kim Seok-jin has been left behind.

Singer Kim Seok-jin, the biggest member of the Korean band, shared an emotional video message to his fans in a video featuring his Argentina travel diary.

The video was made before the Korean singer’s departure for mandatory military service.

He has said in his video message that by the time this video reaches you, I will not be a normal citizen, but I am here in front of the camera because I want to convey a message to all of you.

I want to share such videos with you whenever available, he said in his message.

He added that I may not be with you right now, but I will get back to you soon, just wait a little.

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“That’s all for today, I will share another video next time I have time,” he concluded.

Earlier, some pictures of Kim Seok-jin from the military camp went viral on social media, which drew mixed reactions from users.

On these viral photos, social media users said that everyone should take care of the privacy of the singer, thus sharing his photos from the military camp on social media is not appropriate at all.

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