Kubra Khan: Ugly allegations case, FIA submits report in court

Kubra Khan: Ugly allegations Case, FIA submits report in court

Karachi: FIA has submitted a report to the court on the request of actress Rabia Iqbal aka Kubra Khan regarding allegations made on social media.

According to the report, a hearing was held in the Sindh High Court on the petition of the well-known actress Kubra Khan against the accusations against him.

Due to the departure of Justice Salahuddin Paiwar, the matter was sent to the Chief Justice Sindh High Court for the formation of a second bench. During the hearing, FIA submitted a report on the social media accounts campaigning against Kubra Khan on the court order.

FIA said in the report that it has started the process on the application of Kubra Khan. The matter has been sent to PTA to block all the accounts campaigning against Kubra Khan and other accounts including YouTube, Twitter, Instagram have also been asked to block.

It should be noted that after the petition filed by Kubra Khan, the court ordered FIA and PTA to block the content related to the actresses on social media and to submit a report on the matter.

The actress approached the Sindh High Court on January 5 and took a stand in the petition that the former army officer had made false allegations against 4 actresses in the media industry. The honor and dignity of the petitioner and other actresses have been undermined by the fabricated allegations. Adil Farooq Raja later made another video explanation and retracted his earlier stance.

The petition identified 27 other social media accounts, including 14 Twitter and 13 Instagram accounts, requesting to block them.

It was further stated in the petition that during this period the reputation of the actress along with the petitioner was irreparably damaged. The petition alleged that FIA and PTA were contacted to remove the defamatory content but no action was taken against the YouTubers.

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