Kuwait family visas likely to be issued soon, application collection has begun

KUWAIT CITY: Family visas are likely to be issued soon in Kuwait, on the other hand, Immigration and Passport Departments have started receiving applications from parents with children under the age of 5 in other countries.

According to Arab media, security sources said that Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior, represented by the Residency Affairs Sector, will issue instructions to resume issuing family visas in the next few days. The first phase will cover children, after which the country will gradually begin allowing wives, mothers and fathers to join their families, based on criteria to be determined by the ministry. .

Sources said that such a step has been taken after the suspension of the issuance of visas for a specific period within the framework of the Ministry of Interior, with the desire to establish specific controls and procedures in this regard, with specific controls. Accordingly, the rights of residents to be reunited with their families, demographic change and protection efforts will be coordinated.

On the other hand, the Departments of Immigration and Passport Affairs of the Ministry of Interior of Kuwait have started receiving requests from parents of foreign children under the age of 5 stranded abroad to join their children in the family since November 21.

Sources concerned said that all immigration departments have started getting auditors who meet the conditions for issuing visas to their children below 5 years of age to join the family.

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