Lebanon: The country’s currency is in a bad state, consumer goods are sold in dollars

Lebanon: The country's currency is in a bad state, consumer goods are sold in dollars

Lebanon’s supermarkets began selling imported goods in dollars, a move by the Ministry of Economy to curb price gouging.

Due to high inflation in Lebanon, supermarkets have been ordered to display the price of any item in dollars in addition to Lebanese pounds so that the consumer knows the true value.

The value of one American dollar is 89 thousand Lebanese pounds, the supermarket of the capital Beirut has actually installed a TV screen and displayed the rate of Lebanese pounds to the dollar.

Consumers will now have the facility to pay in dollars, a kilogram of chicken is available at $6, toothpaste at $5.50, corn cotton at $1, three kilograms of rice at $5.70 cents.

If the same amount is seen in Lebanese pounds, it becomes millions, the supervising minister of economy, Amin Salam, said that this measure is not the solution to the problem, but it can be protected from the effects of the daily rising and falling prices of goods.

It should be noted that Lebanon continues to experience its worst economic crisis since 2019, with the local currency depreciating against the dollar.

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