Lighten your complexion if you want a main character, advises Janice Tessa

LAHORE: Drama actress Janice Tessa has revealed that she was advised several times that if she wants to play lead roles in dramas, she will have to lighten her complexion.

In an interview, the actress, who made her acting debut with the popular drama ‘Habus’, expressed her happiness at being praised for the role of ‘Zoya’, but she also complained that she was ridiculed because of her complexion. Being targeted.

According to Janice Tessa, people seem to be talking about her complexion instead of her acting and she lamented that people called her ‘Black’ which is derogatory.

The actress said that she was shortlisted for a major advertisement but was rejected at the time only because of her complexion and was told that she could not cast a fair-skinned girl in the ad.

According to Janice Tessa, many people in the industry have advised her to lighten her complexion.

He said that Pakistani showbiz industry people say that TV viewers and especially women prefer fair skinned girls to fair skinned girls and that is why fair skinned women are more popular in the industry. Importance is given.

He also lamented the issue of discrimination against people on the basis of color.

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