Malaysia Election: Mahathir Mohamad's first defeat in 53 years

KUALA LUMPUR: The results of the general election in Malaysia have begun to come in, with the biggest upset being the defeat of former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad.

According to the World News Agency, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, 97-year-old Mahathir Mohammad, has faced defeat in his seat for the first time after 1969, i.e. 53 years.

Mahathir Mohammad, who was the prime minister for two decades, was defeated by former prime minister Muhyiddin’s election coalition candidate Sami Abdullah. Mahathir Mohammad’s 70-year political journey is likely to end after this defeat.

Mahathir Muhammad has said in an interview given to Reuters before the election that in case of defeat in the election, he will leave politics and it is not possible to do politics until the age of 100, however, I want to pass my experience to the youth.

The results so far show that the new coalition led by former Malaysian Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin will be successful and Anwar Ibrahim’s coalition will come second.

It should be noted that in Malaysia, three Prime Ministers have failed in three years, after which re-elections are being held in which many electoral alliances are participating. Before polling, the public opinion was in favor of Anwar Ibrahim.

However, the results obtained so far seem that Anwar Ibrahim will not get a simple majority. Ghulam Muhyiddin group has more seats and they can form the government together with Mali group.

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