Martial artist: New world record for breaking the most coconuts on the head with a knife

Bangor: A young man from the Indian state of Karnataka has set a world record for cracking the largest number of coconuts held on his head with a small knife.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, KV Syedwala, a 42-year-old martial art expert from India, created a record by breaking 42 coconuts with a small knife placed on his head in one minute.

They split the coconuts placed on the heads of the people sitting in the circle alternately with the help of small knives and continued the process for a minute without any break.

According to Indian media reports, some of the coconuts cracked for record have been distributed for food while the rest have been distributed for the purpose of extracting oil.

Syedwala said that he worked hard for two hours every day for almost a year to achieve this honor and then achieved this success.

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