Masjid Nabawi: The birth of a baby girl in the courtyard 

02 44

Riyadh: According to Ahmed Al-Zahrani, Director General of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority, a baby girl was born in the courtyard of the Prophet’s Mosque.

According to the Saudi media, the team of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority stationed at the Ambulance Center of Al Haram reached the said place on the emergency report, where upon arrival it was found that a pregnant woman is in a critical condition and the process of giving birth has started.

After which the team provided medical aid to the woman and she gave birth to a baby girl.

Later, after check-up, the newborn and the woman were transferred to Bab Jibril Health Center.

According to the report, with the help of one of the health practitioners in the team, the baby girl was delivered successfully.

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