Mask wearers may have trouble recognizing other people’s faces, research suggests

Mask wearers may have trouble recognizing other people's faces, research suggests

TORONTO: A new study has found that it may be more difficult to recognize someone else when you are wearing a mask, even if the person you are looking at is not wearing one.

Previous research has shown that adults and children have difficulty recognizing faces when faces are partially covered by masks, which is the way masks were worn during the coronavirus outbreak.

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A series of experiments carried out in research conducted at the University of York highlighted how a masked person’s ability to convey a face is affected by whether the person being watched is wearing a mask. no.

So as the new Omicron variants began to spread, the researchers said that when people started wearing masks, they shouldn’t be ashamed of having difficulty recognizing their friends and coworkers.

Aries Freud, assistant professor at York University and co-author of the study, said scientists wanted to investigate the effects of wearing a mask on face recognition to see how the mask wearer’s ability to relate to others changes.

The research conducted four different experiments in which 80 participants were shown pictures of people wearing and without masks. Some of the research participants were wearing masks and some were not while viewing the image.

One reason for this may be that when people wear masks, they often think that others cannot recognize them, Aries Freud said. Individuals wearing masks may think that their faces are less recognizable, which may reduce face recognition skills.

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