Mehreen Shah was sexually harassed by the Indian producer during the shoot

Baku: Pakistani actress Syeda Mehreen Shah has claimed that she was sexually harassed by an Indian producer during the shooting of a film.

The actress has said in her video message that through Pakistani director Ehsan Zaidi, she has come to shoot a film in Baku, Azerbaijan, and here the Indian producer of the film Raj Gupta tried to sexually harass her on several occasions.

Mehreen Shah further said that the Pakistani director Ehsan Zaidi remained completely silent on the nefarious actions of the Indian producer and did not try to stop him.

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The actress said that I was discriminated against because of my categorical refusal, nobody took me to hospital when I fell ill and I was not even given food on the last day of the shoot.

Mehreen Shah also said that prostitutes were brought to our hotel at night, and Indian producers were involved in this.

He also said that at one point Ehsan Zaidi told me that if you don’t want to work, then go to hell.

According to Syeda Mehreen Shah, she is now in Baku city and she will return to Pakistan with her own money for the ticket.

He further said that the purpose of my video message is that the girls who are working in showbiz should be aware of people who are ready to exploit them.

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