Mexico: Attack in prison, 14 killed 

Mexico: Attack in prison, 14 killed 

Washington: 14 people have died as a result of an armed attack on a prison in the border city of Juarez, Mexico.

According to foreign media, the state prosecutor says that as a result of the armed attack on the Warez prison, 4 prisoners including 10 officials have been killed, while 13 more people have been injured in the attack.

According to the state prosecutor, 24 inmates have also escaped from the prison after the armed attack on the prison.

The prosecutor said that it is not yet clear who carried out the attack, but according to the preliminary investigation, the attackers in armed vehicles started firing as soon as they entered the prison at 7:00 am.

On the other hand, shortly after the attack on the prison, the municipal police personnel of Warez were also attacked, after which the police chased the assailants, arrested 4 persons and took their vehicle into custody.

Two drivers were also killed in another armed attack in the city, the prosecutor said, but it was not yet known whether the three attacks were related or separate incidents.

It should be noted that in August last year, 11 people were killed as a result of rioting and firing between the prisoners of two rival gangs in the Warez jail.

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