Mexico: Son of drug trafficker arrested, 29 people including 3 security personnel killed

Mexico City: Police in Mexico have arrested Ovidio Guzmán López, the successor son of notorious global drug lord El Chapo, after members of the gang killed 29 people, including three security officers, during a riot.

According to the World News Agency, El Chapo, known as the “Godfather”, the notorious dealer and gang leader of the drug trafficking world in Mexico, was arrested and sent to the United States in 2016 after escaping from prison three times.

After the father’s arrest, his son Ovido Guzmán, 32, who is known as ‘The Mouse’ in the world of crime, took over his father’s work, but was arrested in 2019, but due to the uproar and the killing of innocent people. He was released because of this.

Ovido Guzman is also accused of murdering informants, rival gang members and a famous singer who refused to sing at his wedding. Apart from these, he is wanted in many cases of drug trafficking.

Even after his release in 2019, Ovidio Guzmán’s activities did not stop, once again the police cordoned off and after a 6-month intelligence operation, they reached his hideout where there was a fight.

One officer was killed and 21 injured in the clash between the police and the gangster. In the successful operation, Ovidio Guzmán was taken into custody, while several activists were also killed.

As news of Ovidio Guzmán’s capture reached gangsters in Sinaloa province, they ramped up violence, with an airport attacked and passengers shooting at planes taking off and landing on the runway.

So far, 29 civilians including 3 security personnel have been killed in these violent riots, while dozens of vehicles have also been set ablaze.

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