Mohib Mirza has confessed his love for Sanam Saeed

Mohib Mirza has confessed his love for Sanam Saeed

 Pakistani Actor Mohib Mirza confessed his love to actress Sanam Saeed.

Recently, Mohib, who confirmed his second marriage in Jio’s program ‘Hansna Muni Hai’, did not reveal the name of his second bride, but now he has definitely admitted his love for Sanam.

After the confirmation of Mohib’s marriage, Sanam also shared a 2022 Yadaya Wake video on Instagram in which her photos were with Mohib, after which fans were convinced that the e had married, but both of them directly said Nothing said.

Now, in a podcast, Mohib has confeactor-couplssed his love for Sanam.

The host asked Mohib, what would you like to say about Sanam, when and where did your story with her start?

The actor replied, “Sanam means to be loved and Mohib means lover, I won’t say more than that.”

The host asked how it was to start a life with Sanam after separating from Amina Sheikh, because one is afraid of falling in love a second time.

Mohib replied that I also agree that falling in love a second time is not easy, it is difficult, but everyone has the power to correct their experience who wants to correct their relationship.

He said no one is born wise but we learn from our experiences.

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