Mr. Putin, you cannot scare us, Joe Biden’s warning to the Russian president

Mr. Putin, you cannot scare us, Joe Biden's warning to the Russian president

Washington: US President Joe Biden warned his Russian counterpart after his recent speech.

Russian President Putin announced the annexation of 4 regions of Ukraine yesterday and on this occasion he also threatened to use nuclear weapons to defend these regions.

The Russian President said that America has set an example by using nuclear weapons against Japan in the Second World War.

He said that the annexed territories of Ukraine will always remain a part of Russia. In his reaction to the statement of the Russian President, the American President described Putin as a careless person and said that Putin cannot scare us, America and its allies are not going to be scared.

During a speech at the White House event, Joe Biden issued a warning to the Russian president and pointed a finger at the camera, addressing Putin directly.

Joe Biden said that the United States is fully prepared to defend every inch of NATO territory with its NATO allies, Mr. Putin, don’t misunderstand what I’m saying, an inch. The Secretary General of NATO has described this accession of Russia as very serious.

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