Nable, the world's first open-source robot cat

HONG KONG: Nible is the name of a robot cat that is currently being advertised on crowdfunding website Indie GoGo. This robot cat performs tricks but most importantly, it also teaches robotics and programming in the game.

The makers claim that it is the lightest and fastest robot cat in the world and being open source you can add features as you wish. In addition, it learns many things and expresses attitudes. You can even make him a thinking cat thanks to Raspberry Pie.

Nable, the world's first open-source robot cat
Its basic image is that of a pet cat, that is, it becomes your friend but continues to learn new skills and arts for a long time. It is controlled by Arduino Microcontroller. It also has an amazing muscle memory that allows it to jump and learn new tricks.

You can also print its hardware at your own convenience as being open source makes every aspect of 3D printing compatible. But despite its simple design, its frame has a lot of important features. Just take the cat’s head, it has RGB LEDs, a distance sensor and a mechanical neck rotation system.

On the other hand, the rubber feet, shock-resistant joints, vibrating tail, Adreno controller circuit, wires and programmable hardware are mounted.

It costs US$ 229 for a kit and is available now.

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