'Never had such a big blow', Messi's statement on the upset loss to Saudi Arabia came out

Doha: After the upset defeat by Saudi Arabia in the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, the first statement of the star footballer of Argentina, Lionel Messi, came out.

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Saudi Arabia pulled off a big upset in the Football World Cup on Tuesday by defeating Argentina 1-2 after a sensational match.

The Saudi team ranked 51st in the world ranking of FIFA defeated the world number 3 Argentina by 1 goal against 2 in the World Cup.

After the upset defeat, Argentina captain Lionel Messi said, “This defeat was a huge blow and it hurt a lot, but we have to keep our confidence.”

“Those 5 minutes in the game proved to be heavy for us, we spoiled everything, the first match in the group has just happened, we will try to win against Mexico and Poland,” Messi said.

“We knew what that team is, if we let them play, they will play a great game,” Messi said of the Saudi Arabian game. For good, we have to win now’.

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