Nigeria: 15 worshipers martyred in an attack on a mosque by gunmen 

Nigeria: 15 worshipers martyred in an attack on a mosque by gunmen 

Abuja: In Nigeria, a group of armed men entered a mosque and opened fire indiscriminately, killing 15 worshipers and injuring many others.

According to the World News Agency, armed robbers on a motorcycle opened fire on the Jama Masjid in Rowan Jima Town, Zamfara State, North Western Nigeria. The attack caused chaos and dozens of people ran for their lives.

5 worshipers were martyred and more than a dozen were injured in the shooting incident. Locals say that the attackers were professional robbers who were given 21,000 extortion, petrol and dozens of packets of cigarettes to save the lives of the people of this city.

Eyewitnesses alleged that the dacoits had the patronage of the police, they went on a bloodbath for half an hour and the police did not come to the aid of the citizens despite being informed.

On the other hand, the police say that in view of the operation and bombing against the robbers, the national army had ordered the people in Zamfara and other 2 states to leave their homes and move to a safe place.

It should be noted that the attack on the mosque in Nigeria took place on Friday, but journalists are not safe in this area under the control of bandits and the news is received late.

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