Occupied Kashmir: A dead body was recovered from the house of the Director General of Jails

Occupied Kashmir: A dead body was recovered from the house of the Director General of Jails

Srinagar: 57-year-old Hemant Kumar Lohia, director general of the prisons department in Occupied Kashmir, was found dead at his home.

According to the Indian media, the throat-slit body of the director of the prisons department of Jammu and Kashmir was recovered from his room. He had taken up the post only two months ago and was temporarily living with his family at a friend’s vacant house. His official residence is under renovation.

The police have revealed the possibility that Director General of Jails Hemant Kumar Lohia’s throat has been cut and there are burn marks on his body. In the CCTV footage of the house, a suspicious person can be seen running away after the murder.

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Police have claimed that his 23-year-old domestic worker Yasir Ahmed is involved in the gruesome murder of DG Jail Khana Jat. The police also found Yasir Ahmed’s diary from the house, which suggests that he was involved in the murder.

The police told the media that many songs including ‘Bhala Deena Mee’ are written in the diary. Similarly, on many pages are written short and strange sentences like ‘I hate my life’ and ‘Life is only sorrow.’

On one page, the accused created a mobile battery that had one percent of its charge left, which he associated with his life. Similarly, in one place it was written ‘0% love, 90% tension and 100% fake smile’.

In another place it was written that ‘everything is going badly in my day, week, month, year, but in my whole life. “Dear death, come quickly.” “I have no problem with the life I am living, the problem is what will happen next.”

The police say that the accused Yasir Ahmad is a resident of Ramban. He seems to suffer from depression along with being aggressive.

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