Once father said that I am not your real father, British prince

London: A new excerpt from Prince Harry’s biography ‘Spear’, which came out on January 10, has revealed revelations about the royal family, especially the current King Charles III.

According to the World News Agency, the issue of Prince Harry’s killing of 25 people as a pilot in the Afghan war and declaring the dead to be chess pieces of the war was not over yet, when another quote sparked a new debate.

In a new quote from Prince Harry’s book Spear, he wrote that father Charles once said, “I don’t think I’m your real father.”

According to Harry’s father, Charles said this when I told him not to remarry Camilla because she might be a bad stepmother, but he did marry Camilla.

It should be noted that Charles has now become the King of Great Britain as his wife is the Queen Consort and Prince Harry is living a normal life with his wife Meghan Markle having renounced the royal status.

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