Pakistan: Killing of policeman in defense, the accused released a video statement

Islamabad: The accused who killed a policeman in Defense area of Karachi and escaped abroad has released a video statement regarding the alleged situation on the day of the incident.

In the statement, the accused says that he did not kill the policeman on purpose, but got suspicious of the alleged movements of the policeman and fired to save his life.

According to the statement of the accused, the police officer sat in the car and asked him to go somewhere else instead of taking him to the police station, on which he suspected that he was not a police officer.

According to the accused, the police officer sat in the car and fired at him, but the bullet could not escape from the pistol, after which he repeatedly threatened to shoot him.

The accused has also said in the statement that he did not tell the truth to his brother Nisati but asked him for documents from his house saying it was a minor dispute.

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