Pakistan requests help from the international community to restore the Afghan economy

New York: Pakistan has urged the international community to immediately provide 4.2 billion dollars to help restore Afghanistan’s economy and meet humanitarian needs.

According to media reports, Pakistani Ambassador Muneer Akram said that we need to restore the Afghan economy and its banking system, for this Afghanistan’s assets held abroad need to be included back into Afghanistan’s financial system.

He also urged the international community to take action on the United Nations Secretary General’s appeal for $4.2 billion in aid to Afghanistan.

It should be noted that the appeal to unfreeze Afghan assets has been made directly to the United States, which seized Afghan assets worth $7 billion after the Taliban regained power in Afghanistan in 2021.

Proposing a practical strategy for dealing with Afghanistan, Munir Akram said that the first priority of the international community should be to end the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

Munir Akram said that establishing peace in Afghanistan is the most important issue for Pakistan, Pakistan has hosted more than 3 million Afghan refugees for more than 40 years.

Referring to the US decision to freeze Afghanistan’s assets, Munir Akram said, “We know all the legal arguments in favor of blocking these resources, but you still have to prepare a road map for rebuilding the Afghan economy.” need of

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