Pakistani Actress Kubra Khan has approached the court against YouTuber

Karachi: Actress Kubra Khan has approached the court against the YouTuber.

Sindh High Court has ordered to block content on social media against all four actresses including Kubra Khan.

The court has ordered the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to block the content and submit a reply on the next hearing.

In the petition, actress Kubra Khan said that YouTuber has hurt the dignity of me and other actresses with fabricated allegations.

The actress’s lawyer says that FIA, PTA have been contacted to remove the defamatory material.

It should be noted that Pakistani actress Kubra Khan had expressed a strong reaction to Major (Rtd) Adil Raja’s accusations and hinted to file a case.

Recently, Adil Raja had made serious allegations against top models and actresses of Pakistan in a vlog on social media and had claimed with reference to sources that an organization has indecent videos of these models and actresses as well.

Instead of naming the actresses in his Vlog, Adil Raja gave the initials of their names which included M H. – M K. – A K – S A.

Actress Kubra Khan shared an Instagram story in which it was written, ‘Initially I kept quiet because a fake video can’t erase my existence but it’s enough now, you think anyone sitting on me will point fingers.’ And I will keep quiet, so that’s what you think, so Mr. Adil Raja, when you accuse a person, you should have proof first.’

Kubra Khan further wrote in his story that ‘You have only 3 days to bring forward the evidence for which you have claimed the truth and truth, if you have not done so, withdraw your statement and apologize to the public. Otherwise, I will sue you and I am not only a Pakistani but also a British citizen, so I will go after you there because I am on the truth, I am on the right and I am not afraid of anyone’s father.

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