Palestinian martyred by Israeli forces firing in Palestine

Palestinian martyred by Israeli forces firing in Palestine

Occupied Jerusalem: A Palestinian youth was martyred in the operation of the Israeli army in the occupied West Bank of Palestine.

According to foreign media, according to the Ministry of Health of Palestine, 2 Palestinians were seriously injured in the clashes in Qarawat Bani Hassan near the city of Nablus in the Northwest Bank. He died. On the other hand, the Israeli army said in a traditional statement that the suspects threw stones at the soldiers, on which the army fired back at the violent rioters.

According to the United Nations, more than 100 Palestinian fighters and civilians have been martyred since the beginning of this year, where the highest number of deaths occurred in the occupied West Bank in almost 7 years.

According to reports, in response to daily raids near the occupied West Bank. Retaliatory attacks on Israeli soldiers and violent incidents have also increased. There were attacks on civilians in Israel earlier this year, after which Israeli military operations have intensified.

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