Palusha Bashir: Small Setbacks Make for Big Comebacks

Islamabad: Pakistan’s badminton star Palusha Bashir has said that I think these small setbacks are for big comebacks.

Talking to Geo News, Palusha Bashir said that she regrets not participating in the National Badminton Championship, she has to complete rehab for full fitness.

Palusha Bashir told Geo News that last year, she participated in all the events held at the national level and reached the finals, while also achieving success in mixed doubles, but this year it was not possible because she did not recover completely from the shin injury and skied.

He said that she was in the finals of women’s singles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles last year.

Palusha Bashir said that I was hoping that this time it would be better for me but at the moment I am not in a good position, and started working for my recovery.

He said, “I have kept myself active, I have a lot of love for the game. I request the fans to pray for me so that I get back into action soon.

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