Pet cat swallowed 38 hairbands, had to be operated on due to deterioration of condition

NORTH CAROLINA: A mischievous pet cat in the US put doctors to the test when it swallowed thick rubber hair ties that were difficult to pull out of its stomach.

Juliette, a pet cat from South Carolina, was brought to the Charleston Animal Society office looking very sick. She was rushed to a hospital where surgery was performed to remove not one but 38 thick rubber balls used in hairdressing from her abdomen. Now this cat is recovering rapidly.

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The man who brought him to the hospital said that the cat was found in a condition outside a house because its owners had abandoned it while they were moving to another city. Doctors tried hard to feed him, but he did not eat anything.
However, a subsequent radiograph test revealed an abnormal obstruction in his bowels. Further tests confirmed that he had a whole bunch of rubber bands in his abdomen. The doctors said that they had never seen such a scenario before.
The most important thing is that the cat’s liver was severely affected, which has been restored with medicine and the cat is now back to normal. In the next step, it will be treated with electrolyte-rich foods.

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