Pipeline supplying gas to Germany destroyed by Ukrainian group, not Russia, German media

Pipeline supplying gas to Germany destroyed by Ukrainian group, not Russia, German media

Nord Stream 1 and 2, the gas pipeline from Russia to Germany, was destroyed not by Russia, but by a pro-Ukrainian group.

This claim is made in a recent report published in German and American media.

According to the reports published in the American newspaper New York Times in addition to various German media ARD, SWR and newspaper Die Zeit, it has been revealed in the investigation of German public prosecutors that in September of last year, from Russia. The explosions at the Nord Stream gas pipeline, which supplies gas to Germany, were allegedly carried out by a pro-Ukrainian group.

According to these reports, investigators have located a boat used in the entire operation, which was rented in Poland from a company owned by two Ukrainian brothers. Through which 6 people, diving equipment and explosives were delivered to the sea in early September.

According to reports, all those who took part in the process were using fake passports. Similarly, the investigating authorities have also managed to get some samples of explosive material from this rented boat.

However, the report has so far not held the Ukrainian government responsible for the incident, rather it is being considered as the action of a pro-Ukrainian group.

Likewise, the possibility that this may not be a false flag operation by Russia is not being ignored. But various sources reject this possibility by saying that this process did not benefit Russia.

It should be noted that in September 2022, 3 out of 4 pipelines supplying gas from Russia to Germany were destroyed by explosives. After which, Germany, Sweden and Denmark started the formal investigation. After which it was informed that it is an incident of sabotage in which the pipeline has been destroyed by using explosives.

German media fear that if the Ukrainian authorities are found to be involved in this incident, it will not only damage the relationship between the two countries, but it will also make Ukraine a major supporter in its war. will also be deprived.

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