Pollutants in Prenatal Babies' Organs, Experts

Islamabad: Air pollution particles pass through the mother’s body during pregnancy and reach the child’s internal organs.

This was revealed in a medical study. In fact, this is the first time that air pollution particles have been detected in the lungs, liver and brain of babies before birth.

According to the researchers, this finding is alarming because babies in the mother’s womb are the most physically vulnerable during pregnancy.

The study by the University of Aberdeen in Scotland and Hasselt University in Belgium involved 60 mothers and their newborns. The researchers also analyzed tissue samples from babies between 7 and 20 weeks post-pregnancy who had unfortunately died due to miscarriage.

Experts discovered carbon particles in blood samples from women in the mother-to-child passageway, proving that these particles can reach the baby.

These particles were detected in all mothers and newborns, and it was found that the more air pollution the mother was exposed to during pregnancy, the more particles passed on to the baby.

The presence of these particles in the liver, lungs and brain was also found in the samples of children who died due to abortion.

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