Practice is a match for us: A video of Argentina’s female fan claiming before the match went viral

Practice is a match for us: A video of Argentina's female fan claiming before the match went viral

In the ongoing Football World Cup in Qatar, Saudi Arabia caused a big upset by defeating Argentina 1-2 after a thrilling match, after which Saudi citizens are celebrating well.

On behalf of Saudi citizens, the historic success of their team is being celebrated on social media and numerous posts are being made in this regard.

A video of a female soccer fan from Argentina in Qatar is going viral on social media, which can be seen from the fact that no one expected the defeat of Argentina and how big an upset it was.

In the aforementioned viral video recorded a few days before the match, a female fan was asked who will win between Saudi Arabia and Argentina. To this the lady confidently replied that of course Argentina, are you kidding me, this match is like a practice match for us.

In response to another question, the woman said that 6 goals will be scored by Argentina, the woman also missed the names of the players who will score.

The person recording the video said that I think Saudi Arabia will win, to which the woman said no, it cannot happen, there is no possibility.

However, after Argentina’s defeat in the match today, users took the woman in stride. One user said that this is football, no one should be considered weak.

One user quipped that it happened in a practice match.

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