Present a resolution against Russia at the United Nations, Pakistan and India did not take part in voting

New York: The United Nations has submitted a resolution strongly condemning the integration of several regions of Ukraine into Russia.

According to foreign media, in the meeting of the United Nations General Assembly, a resolution was presented condemning the annexation of several areas of Ukraine to Russia by the United States, and 143 Arakan countries voted on it.

Despite the efforts of the US, 35 countries abstained from voting against Russia, including Pakistan and India.

The resolution called on the United Nations and international bodies not to recognize Russia’s border changes and called on Moscow to “immediately and unconditionally” withdraw its decisions.

On this occasion, US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken said that the vote shows global unity against Russia, and he made it clear that the US will never recognize a ‘fake’ referendum.

It should be noted that India’s partnership with the United States is very high, but the close relationship with Russia is also historic.

According to foreign media, on September 30, President Vladimir Putin annexed four Ukrainian regions to Russia.

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