Prince Harry: It was a mistake to watch objectionable scenes of Meghan’s TV series before the wedding

Prince Harry: It was a mistake to watch objectionable scenes of Meghan's TV series before the wedding

Washington: Duke of Sussex Prince Harry’s autobiography ‘Spear’ is published on January 10, but the British newspaper is already bringing out the revelations made in the book.

Britain’s Guardian newspaper claims to have seen an advance copy of Prince Harry’s autobiography, ‘Spear’.

Yesterday, a British newspaper claimed that Harry wrote in Spear that he had an argument with his older brother William in the kitchen of the London home, after which William called his wife Meghan Markle rude, after which they both An argument ensued and then William knocked them to the floor.

This was followed by another claim that Britain’s Prince Harry revealed in his upcoming autobiography ‘Spear’ that he flew 6 air missions and killed 25 Afghan civilians while deployed in Afghanistan.

However, now British Prince Harry’s revelation about his wife Meghan Markle in the book has been revealed.

According to reports, Britain’s Prince Harry has admitted to watching an objectionable scene from his wife Meghan Markle’s TV drama series The Suits in Speer.

According to Prince Harry, in the early days of dating Meghan Markle, he Googled the objectionable scenes, which he regretted.

Calling it his biggest mistake, he revealed in the book that he gave himself electric shocks as a joke to get these scenes out of his mind.

It should be noted that on May 19, 2018, the British citizen Harry and the American actress were tied in marriage.

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