Prince Harry’s biography becomes UK’s fastest-selling non-fiction book

Prince Harry's biography becomes UK's fastest-selling non-fiction book

Britain’s Prince Harry’s book becomes UK’s fastest-selling non-fiction book.

Yesterday, Prince Harry’s biography ‘Spear’ officially went on sale after some delays, making it the UK’s fastest-selling non-fiction book.

Prince Harry’s book went on sale across the UK at 12pm on January 10, with long queues of people lining up to buy it.

According to the publisher, 400,000 copies of the book including hard book, e-book and audio have been sold in the UK on the first day of publication.

After a copy of the British prince’s controversial biography was leaked, a number of revelations came to light, fueling interest in the book.

The book, which will be published in 16 languages worldwide, features Prince Harry’s shocking revelations about the royal family.

The book has already been declared an online bestseller. In the 410-page book, Prince Harry talks about the conflicts and tensions within the royal family, while also revealing many other things.

At one point in the book, Prince Harry claimed that in 2019, his older brother, Prince William, attacked him and knocked him to the floor.

In another place, he wrote that when his mother, Princess Diana, died, he believed that she had faked her own death because she was fed up with the difficulties.

Elsewhere, Prince Harry said that he learned of Queen Elizabeth’s death from the BBC website rather than from the family.

There has been no response from Buckingham Palace regarding the book so far.

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